Dreams PS4

A world of pure imagination. What is Dreams? Well, It’s pots of paints, a ball of clay, a games compendium, a music studio, a creative classroom, an animation programme, a social network, your first footsteps into game development. And crucially, often…
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super hot nintendo

Super Hot

very level in Superhot is an exciting, self-contained, time-bending puzzle that turns typical fast-paced first-person shooter mechanics on their head. Every time you move, your enemies and their bullets do, too – but if you stand still, so will time. It’s a…
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Broforce should be unbearable. It has all the worst features of indie hipster PC gaming in 2015. Cute pixel art winkingly combined with lashings of extravagant gore. Retro-styled side-scrolling gameplay and stiff difficulty. Most of all, an obsession with tongue-in-cheek…
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Shadow of the Tomb Raider

bigger world, higher stakes, and an unexpected spin on Lara Croft’s character make Shadow of the Tomb Raider the most ambitious of the modern trilogy. There’s a lot going on here, but it manages to keep most of its balls in the…
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