Nintendo Switch lite

Nintendo Switch lite


The Nintendo Switch Lite is a great, compact device for those who aren’t a fan of (or simply never use) the original Switch’s docked mode. The design is more comfortable for portable gaming than the Switch, while boasting the same performance.


  • Lighter and smaller
  • More portable
  • Nice selection of colors
  • Comfortable design


  • Limited to handheld games
  • Still not as comfortable as 3DS
  • Colours
  • Limitation to handheld

Since its release in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has been raking in money for the House of Mario – but two years on, in classic Nintendo fashion, the company has decided to change things up and provide a compact alternative to the hybrid console: the Nintendo Switch Lite. 

The Switch Lite is the smaller, lighter sibling of the Nintendo Switch, stepping into the shoes of the Nintendo 3DS as Nintendo’s handheld dedicated device.

If you’re someone who enjoys the flexibility of playing the Switch on either the TV or as a handheld, then immediately the Switch Lite isn’t for you – docked is not an option here.

But, if you find yourself solely using the hybrid console’s handheld mode, or find the Switch a bit clunky for on-the-go gaming, then the Switch Lite could be the lightweight alternative for you. But, as with any new device, there are some pros and cons you should weigh up before making the switch to the Nintendo Switch Lite.

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