Dreams PS4


A world of pure imagination.

What is Dreams? Well, It’s pots of paints, a ball of clay, a games compendium, a music studio, a creative classroom, an animation programme, a social network, your first footsteps into game development. And crucially, often incredible.Media Molecule’s follow up to the LittleBigPlanet series follows its established mantra of play, create, and share, but takes it to an all-new level. Whatever path you choose to take, getting lost down it is easily done as new bursts of joy are discovered around every corner. Like a Mary Poppinsesque bottomless bag of creativity, you never quite know what you’ll end up playing when booting up Dreams, or what inspiration will be sparked inside you to sculpt, paint, or engineer yourself. It’s a highly ambitious concept, and one that has been magically brought to life.