The best Xbox One X deals, bundles and prices 2020

We bring you the best Xbox One X deals, bundles and prices to help you grab a 4K console for less in 2019

Xbox one x

If you’re on the lookout for Xbox One X deals, this is exactly where you need to be. Our team of bargain-hunters have rounded up the most tempting prices and discounts to help you save money on what Microsoft likes to call “the most powerful console in the world”. All of these offers can be found below. We’ve got you covered for Xbox One accessories and cheap Xbox game deals too.

Not sure what the difference is between Xbox One X deals and the best Xbox One S bundles? On the face of it, they play all the same games. However, the X is the only Xbox capable of playing them in super-sharp 4K Ultra-HD. It also has 6 Teraflops of graphical power for improved visuals and 12GB of DDR4 RAM for superior load times. Yes, the S model is cheaper, but you’re losing out on quite a few features to get that reduced price tag.

Although we’re due to get the next-gen Xbox Project Scarlett late in 2020, it’s also worth considering Xbox One X deals nonetheless. The Xbox Project Scarlett price is likely to be far higher at launch, and the X still has six years’ worth of games to choose from. That’s quite the advantage. 

With that in mind, scroll down and you’ll find of the best Xbox One X deals below. Happy shopping!


Xbox One X 1TB + Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order + second wireless controller | $349 at (save $209.99)You can get your hands on a 4K-ready console with one of the best games of 2019 for far less with this deal.VIEW DEAL

Xbox One X 1TB Gears 5 bundle + second wireless controller |$349 at (save $209.99)Grab the world’s most powerful console and some of its best games at a markedly lower price. A bargain.VIEW DEAL

Xbox One X 1TB + NBA 2K20 + second wireless controller |$349 at (save $209.99)A superb offer for any sports fan wanting to pick up the world’s most powerful console for less.VIEW DEAL

Xbox One X 1TB + Forza Horizon 4 Lego Speed + second wireless controller | $349 at (save $209.99)This bundle is ideal for younger gamers, particularly with that extra controller for split-screen multiplayer.VIEW DEAL

1TB Xbox One X + Fallout 76 | $399.99 at Walmart (save $100)
Fallout may not have had the best start, but it’s now in much better shape and is a worthy addition to any bundle.VIEW DEAL

1TB Xbox One X + Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order | $499 on Amazon (pre-order, save at least $20)
This new Star Wars adventure is set shortly after the infamous Order 66 that wiped out the Jedi. It’s up to you to fight back.VIEW DEAL

1TB Xbox One X + NBA 2K20 | $399 at Walmart (save $100)
You can get the latest version of NBA to go with your brand-new Xbox One X via this tempting deal.VIEW DEAL

1TB Xbox One X Gears 5 Limited Edition + Gears 5 Ultimate Edition + Gears of War 4 + Gears of War: Ultimate Edition + Gears of War 2 + Gears of War 3 | $399 at Walmart
If you’re a Gears fan, this special edition console’s to die for.VIEW DEAL


Upgrading from an older Xbox? Got some Xbox One games already or want the machine by itself? No problem. We’ve listed the best solo console deals here, and these are updated on a daily basis. Check back in every now and then for the lowest prices.



The official Nintendo Switch Pro controller is the most obvious option for Switch gamers, but it’s expensive compared to third-party options.


  • Solid heft and feel
  • Analogs feel fantastic
  • Responsive control inputs


  • Expensive for a controller
  • Looks a bit boring in black
  • Other colors are super rare

If you’ve sat down to read a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller review, you’re almost certainly wondering if it’s worth the money. Let’s face it, it’s expensive for a traditional-style controller and there are certainly a lot of far cheaper third-party alternatives on Amazon. 

You’ve probably also noticed that some of them seem a bit on the dodgy side to say the least. Stick with us though and we’ll run through why we think the Pro is one of the best Nintendo Switch controllers

Today’s best Nintendo Switch Pro Controller deals:


Nintendo Switch Pro Controller – Design

Nintendo has kept things simple here with the traditional Xbox-style asymmetric design for the analog stick positioning. Four face buttons and four shoulder buttons are in the traditional places, with no GameCube-style shenanigans spicing things up.

The Joy-Con’s home, share, plus and minus buttons are all present too although you’d be forgiven for not quite noticing the share and home buttons as the buttons aren’t raised at all. A row of LEDs on the bottom indicates which player number the controller is currently assigned to.

A USB-C slot for charging (a cable is included in the box) is on the top side of the Switch Pro controller with a small LED that glows orange while charging and goes out once fully charged. You can also charge the controller with your USB-C phone charging cable too which is handy if you want to top up the controller while the Switch isn’t powered up so you can use it straight away next time you play.

If you’re one of those players who see a weighty controller as a sign of quality then you’ll be very happy with the heft on the Switch Pro Controller for sure. Pleasingly, it also feels really solid – there are no awkward hollow plastic noises when you tap your way around the chassis and button presses don’t produce any awkward loud clicks – when did we all get so fussy?

The Switch Pro Controller’s handles are ever so slightly textured too, adding some extra grip to the pad which means you won’t have to worry about it squirming around in your hands during those Blue Shell-fearing final laps in Mario Kart 8. We appreciated the extra grip during some of the more sudden motion control elements in games too, as we didn’t have to worry about the controller flying across the room.


Nintendo Switch Pro Controller – Features

Despite the Pro in the name of this official Nintendo Switch controller, this isn’t what we’d associate with ‘Pro’ adjustable controllers on other consoles like the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller or Nacom Revolution Unlimited on PS4. This is cheaper than those fancier models though to be fair.

There are no remappable buttons, extra buttons around the back, adjustable weights or interchangeable analog sticks or swappable d-pads. So you’d be forgiven for thinking the name is a little misleading.

Motion-controls are available with the Switch Pro Controller though, so you won’t miss out on steering functionality in Mario Kart 8 or the slightly cheaty spin move attack in Super Mario Odyssey where you jerk the controller sideways to initiate.

Rumble vibration effects are present as is NFC-functionality. So if you have any Amiibos lying around, you’ll be able to tap them on the controller when prompted for a few extras in select first-party Nintendo titles.

NFC-functionality is very much an optional part of games though, but it’s something to be mindful of with third-party controllers as we’ve noticed most of them don’t have this ability. And rumble features are often a casualty too. So if you are after the complete feature set, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is the way to go and the top of our list picks for the best Nintendo Switch accessories.


Nintendo Switch Pro Controller – Performance

Long story short, after picking up a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, the Joy-Cons have barely left the dock on my Nintendo Switch. If you’re playing a game where any sort of precision is required, be it nailing a drift in Mario Kart or navigating a tricky platform section in Super Mario Odyssey, the Pro leaves the Joy-Cons for dead.

It’s all about the analog sticks. They’re larger than the tiny ones on the Joy-Cons and much more comfortable under the thumb. They offer more resistance too (without ever being too stiff) meaning there are far fewer instances of frantically over-correcting precise jumps and ballsing it up royally because the left analog feels too loose, which is a frequent complaint for me with the Joy-Cons’ lightweight PS Vita-like analogs.

The face buttons are raised surprisingly high from the controller’s body and would have benefitted from sloping down or being rounded off at the edges a little. But despite the height of each button, responsiveness doesn’t seem to be an issue at all and they’re reasonably quiet, especially compared to some of the third-party controllers we’ve got our hands on. I’m also relieved the buttons are much bigger than the Joy-Cons’ little thumb pokers.

The wireless connection to the Switch is super simple and reliable. Once synced up you won’t have to do it again. Unlike some of the really cheap Switch controller alternatives out there which constantly forget all about the console between gameplay sessions and need plugging in again and again to resync.

The built-in rechargeable battery in the Switch Pro controller is seriously impressive and lasts around 40 hours between charges. It takes around six hours to fully charge when you do fully deplete it but seeing as you have a range of charging options (plug it into the console, the mains or a portable battery) it’s more than fair.



While more expensive than the standard controllers found on PS4 or Xbox One, we have to admit, the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is the best one to buy to enhance your gameplay experience on the super popular console. So if you’re sitting down with a longer title like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or want to ensure perfectly-judged jumps in Super Mario Odyssey, or to line up a perfect shot in Overwatch then this is a great purchase. Can we have some more exciting color choices anytime soon though please, Nintendo?

Xbox Series X download sizes could shrink with AI tech that works “scarily well”

xbox series x box

As resolutions rise, games get bigger – not in the “more to explore” sense but in the “more to download” sense. New technology in the works at Microsoft could reverse that trend for Xbox Series X.

You may not have heard of Microsoft Game Stack before, but it could have a big impact on the way your games work in the next generation. James Gwertzman, the general manager of the relatively new Microsoft division, recently spoke with a roundtable of journalists about what his team is working on for the next-generation – you can check out a transcript of the full session at VentureBeat.

One attendee mentioned how some fans are using AI to automatically sharpen fuzzy textures in older games. That kind of technology could be helpful for new games too.

“One of the studios inside Microsoft has been experimenting with using [machine learning] models for asset generation,” Gwertzman said. “It’s working scarily well. To the point where we’re looking at shipping really low-res textures and having ML models uprez the textures in real time. You can’t tell the difference between the hand-authored high-res texture and the machine-scaled-up low-res texture, to the point that you may as well ship the low-res texture and let the machine do it.”

To be clear, Gwertzman is talking about the machine – and his comments were specifically in response to a question about game development on PS5 and Xbox Series X – taking small, fuzzy textures and making them big and clear as you play the game.

Xbox Series X

“The download is way smaller, but there’s no appreciable difference in game quality,” Gwertzman explained. “Think of it more like a magical compression technology. That’s really magical. It takes a huge R&D budget. I look at things like that and say – either this is the next hard thing to compete on, hiring data scientists for a game studio, or it’s a product opportunity. We could be providing technologies like this to everyone to level the playing field again.”

To train the machine learning model, artists would still need to create the usual assortment of assets in the game’s own style. Then the developers could shrink all those textures down for smaller downloads and let the machine learning model restore them as the game is played. Gwertzman said this process works especially well for photorealistic styles, since it “adds tons of data.”

There’s no guarantee we’ll see this kind of technology used for Xbox Series X games, but it sure would be a nice surprise if download surprises actually shrinkin this generational jump.

See what you could be playing on your new Xbox with our guide to upcoming Xbox Series X games.

Best gaming laptops in Australia: the top gaming laptops we’ve reviewed in 2020

Gigabyte Aero 15 OLED

While gaming laptops used to be niche enough that it was a little easily to search for the one that happened to be packing the best processor, GPU and RAM assortment, the field has exploded since then and it can be a little harder to determine the best gaming laptop.

The gaming laptop we’re used to seeing – thick chassis with RGB and tapered flares – isn’t the only option any more, with a variety of advancements (such as Nvidia’s Max-Q technology) allowing the sleeker ultrabook form factor to harbour some incredible grunt as well.

Regardless of if you’re in it for the stealthy, sleek numbers to slip in your satchel on the go, or an all-in-one replacement for a desktop rig, we’ve sifted through what’s on offer to bring you the best gaming laptops available in Australia.

Best gaming laptops in Australia 2019 at a glance

  1. Gigabyte Aero 15 OLED
  2. Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701
  3. MSI GS65 Stealth
  4. Razer Blade 15 (2019)
  5. Alienware Area-51m
  6. Lenovo Legion Y740
  7. Dell XPS 15 2-in-1
  8. HP Omen 15 (2018)
  9. Dell G3 15
  10. Acer Nitro 5 (2018)