Control – Best Games of 2019

Control - Best Games of 2019
Control - Best Games of 2019

Control offers a world that is seductive, powerful, and internally consistent, but developer Remedy Entertainment is able to stretch the tension of entering that world without any kind of instruction or illumination to its breaking point.

By the end of Control, you will be an expert on this strange existence. There’s no “weird for the sake of weird” here. It all makes sense, once you learn the language of the world. That’s a true rarity in video game storytelling, where complex plots are often burdened by so much excess exposition and so many complications that it all turns into a meaningless soup by the end. Control, instead, feels like a carefully prepared meal being fed to you methodically, until you develop a taste for it.

And occasionally, the chefs are puppets.

—Russ Frushtick

Available on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.