Best games like Portal and Portal 2 to play for more mind-bending puzzles

portal 2
portal 2

The Portal games are two of the best puzzlers ever made, so no wonder you’re looking for games like Portal. The first feels like the proof of concept for a genius idea – your gun that shoots two portals, and when you walk through one you come out the other – while the follow-up builds it into a longer, more complete game, adding bouncy gels, lasers and co-op with a friend. They’re tough acts to follow: so what do you play when you finish them? We’re here to run you through the best games like Portal and Portal 2 so that you can keep scratching that puzzle itch.

Other than blatant copies, you won’t find many games that use the same portal-hopping mechanic. But you will find other puzzlers with the same chamber-by-chamber structure, the same sense of escalating difficulty, or the same sense of humour. We’ll run through the 10 games like Portal worth knowing about in this list, plus some honourable mentions at the end. So without further ado, here are the best games like Portal and Portal 2.

The original Q.U.B.E. drew Portal comparisons because of its first-person perspective and single-room puzzles. Using a magic glove, you pulled coloured blocks out of the environment at predetermined points by clicking on them, creating platforms and ramps to get through the level. Sadly, it looked sterile, and never quite built on its promising premise. Sequel Q.U.B.E. 2 delivered on that potential, with gorgeous environments and a stream of new puzzle-solving tools that you combine in inventive ways.

In contrast to Q.U.B.E.’s plain white chambers, the sequel’s world is split into distinct stylish zones, such as a forest and a laboratory. On top of the basic block pulling from the first game you’re activating magnets, laying down oil slicks, turning on fans to make you float, and burning flammable doors. By the end, you’re juggling four or five different systems, and feeling very smug about your massive brain.